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Share data and personal records with anyone, anywhere, any time of your choice

Value Characteristics

  • Sync.MD is accessible anywhere, anytime to anyone given personal permission
  • Sync.MD allows the VOICE OF THE VETERAN™ to control their own records
  • Sync.MD enables seamless transfer of medical records: across networks, providers, employers and locations
  • Sync.MD satisfies federal Data Privacy protections
  • Sync.MD results in improved outcomes
  • Sync.MD reduces duplication of services, cost, time, liability and medical errors
  • Sync.MD is immediate for accessible urgent and emergent care
  • Sync.MD supports compliance with federal regulations
  • Sync.MD decreases in-person requests for records
  • Sync.MD requires no integration to EHR

Meeting the needs

In today’s environment, care coordination and time to care are affected by the delay in the availability of health records. Sync.MD makes paper copies of records obsolete. Mobile personal health records for patients ensures immediate availability in any setting.

Sync.MD turns that paradigm on its head by providing a simple solution for immediate access to records 24 hours per day 7 days a week. The patient is the custodian of their records. The control of sharing this data with others resides with the patient and translates to including providers, caregivers, family or others who may need access to critical data.

SYNC.MD’s framework provides for the close coordination of health information based on the patient’s desires.

Patient centered, by design

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